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REI Servicing has everything you need to pay your loan, request payoff or extension information, and answer any other questions about your current loan.

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REI Servicing provides a variety of easy-to-use features all online. From this website you may apply for a loan extension, request a loan payoff, and for new construction and rehab loans you may access our online portal to request a construction draw.


Does REI Servicing offer extensions for Fix & Flip loans?

REI Servicing offers 3-month extensions to borrowers who are current on monthly interest payments and have a clear exit strategy. An extension must be requested 45 – 90 days before the maturity date, to allow ample time to gather the necessary information. That time frame will also allow REI Servicing to approve the extension before the maturity date, allowing you to utilize the full three months to complete your exit strategy.

We require that you provide proof of up-to-date insurance through the extended maturity date, where the coverage must adequately account for the loan allocation for each property and list an accurate REI Servicing mortgagee clause. Taxes must be paid and current through the extended maturity date. An extension application must provide a clear explanation of your exit strategy. You may pay the extension fee upfront or at settlement. Please contact your dedicated Servicing Analyst for the most up-to-date extension fee schedule or any questions regarding the extension process. Please keep in mind that if you choose to pay upfront and exit the loan within 30 days of the original maturity date, we will reduce the extension fee to 0.5% and refund the difference.

When is my payment due, and how do I make a payment?

Loan payments are due on the 10th of each month and the grace period concludes at the close of business on the 20th. Late fees assessed are 5% of your principal and interest amount from your monthly payment. Please note that if you have a commitment-funded loan, your monthly interest payment will increase as your principal balance increases. Online payment will be an option offered soon. Until this option is available, we must receive your payment by mail.

Mail Checks to:
REI Servicing
1708 C Augusta St. PMB #11
Greenville, SC 29605

Please include your loan number and property address on the subject line of your check.

Are my taxes and insurance paid by REI Servicing?

If you have a loan with an escrow account to manage the payment of your real estate taxes and insurance premiums as they come due, REI would be responsible for making those payments in a timely manner. If you have a Fixed Rental 30, Rental 30 Premier, 5/1 ARM Rental, or a 10/1 ARM Rental loan product, your account is escrowed for taxes and insurance. You are responsible for any supplemental taxes that come due even if you have an escrowed loan. If you have a short-term loan product, including Multi-Family housing loan, you are responsible to ensure the real estate taxes and required insurance premiums are paid in a timely manner as they come due. You are also responsible for tracking and paying for your own Liability policy, as well as to ensure that any HOA dues are paid timely as they come due.

If you make any changes to your insurance policy (change carrier or coverage), you must ensure the mortgagee clause is updated and that REI Servicing is notified so that we can take appropriate action to update our records accordingly. Please forward any tax or insurance documentation to us at

What is cross-collateralization for partial payoffs?

Cross-collateralization is an allocated amount of principal, established in your closing documentation, that is added to the payoff letters of individual properties within a portfolio loan. Cross-collateralization is not a fee or penalty.